What we witnessed in the 2019 Cricket World Cup was unbelievable because of the illogical rules of ICC (International Cricket Council). There were two major outbreaks in this competition which did not favor cricket nor did it favor the best teams. The first is of the net-run rate dropping out Pakistan from the World Cup and the next one is the super-over of the final.

Interestingly Pakistan with 11 points could not qualify for the semi-finals only because of having a poor net run-rate whereas another team with the same points played the final. Also, the final at Lord’s was decided in England’s favor when the match was a tie. When the super over was tied, England won for hitting most boundaries. There should not have been 6 runs off that throw hitting Strokes and going for four. This delivery must have been declared null instead. ICC must work on this and there must be pair justice for both teams with better solutions in such crisis.