“Sita Under the Crescent Moon is a rare gift of a book, by a rare writer. It shows, with great empathy, how those who suffer the most make their lives possible.”

–Manan Asif on Annie’s book


Born in Karachi in 1980, Annie Ali Khan was a Pakistani model and freelance journalist. In 2012, she wrote an article in Marie Claire about her experience as a model for “Fair and Lovely” cream. The article reflected on the engrained color discrimination women in Pakistan have to face because of their skin color. In 2017, she wrote a detailed report about the killing of young women in Pakistani towns for Herald magazine under the title of “The missing daughters of Pakistan”. In 2016, She wrote another article about her trip to Hinglaj, a sacred site for Hindus in Baluchistan. It is stated that the head of Satti fell in this area when her body was cut in 51 pieces. The pilgrimage to the site normally begins from Karachi. The life of famous Sindh poet, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, is also deeply entwined with the legend of Hinglaj. The article led her to a three years’ research about the spiritual pilgrimage of women from Lyari to Mango Pir, Hinglaj, Thatta and Sehwan. This research has recently been published under the title of “Sita Under the Crescent.” Annie died in 2018.

Through her writing, Annie highlighted the multiple issues women from different classes, religions, localities face in our society, issues which are perhaps not known or deliberately ignored by the patriarchal social and political institutions of our society. Her works should be read to make us realize once again how unsafe our society is for women.