If we had to choose one country whose culture is distinctly contrasted by its international image, it has to be Pakistan. All over the world, Pakistanis have to often face the struggle of explaining what our culture really entails. However, against all the odds, we have managed to preserve our culture, and not only that, we are never shy to brag about it!

Pakistanis can be called a lot of things, but being despondent is certainly not one of them. The new Coke ad is the perfect demonstration of what makes Pakistan different from the rest of the world. It shows our beautiful celebrations, our bonds between families, our unprecedented hospitality and care, and most of all, our unity under the green and white flag.

Among the numerous moments shown in the ad, our top picks were:

Saying at third serving of food: “Aap nay toh kuch khaya hi naheen”

Our love for the “Dhol Vala” on any occasion.

That one relative who cannot control their emotions at a wedding!

And of course, our love for the flag. Our very own “Iss parcham ke saaye talay” moment.And of course, our love for the flag. Our very own “Iss parcham ke saaye talay” moment.

HUM AIK HAIN – Promoting unity, harmony and a better image of Pakistan

Earlier during the World Cup, Coca-Cola launched “Hum Aik Hain”, an anthem celebrating the diversity in our country, showcasing this beautiful nation as one. Our passion in supporting our country in sports arena is second to none, and when it’s cricket, we are at our best. In that last over, all 200 million of us have our eyes closed and hands joined in prayer to cheer for our country!

Just like our culture, Pakistanis are exciting, expressive, emotional, and fascinating people! Whatever we do, we do it with a lot of excitement and zest. It’s unfortunate, that the world hasn’t fully witnessed this remarkable side of Pakistan and its citizens. However, its always a positive sign to see brands like Coke taking ownership and showcasing the wonderful culture of Pakistan!