ABBOTTABAD         -       District administrations of the Hazara division and police Monday successfully enforced a ban on tourists from entering the upper parts of the region.  Before Eid vacations, DC Mansehra imposed a ban on the entry of tourists in Kaghan, Naran and other tourist spots under section 144 and also canceled the vacations of the Kaghan Development Authority for monitoring.

Following the ban, Mansehra police established check posts at all entries on Hazara motorway and Karakoram Highway (KKH) where they check the National Identity Cards (NIC) and allowed only locals to continue their journey.

Although Mansehra police launched a social and print media campaign about the ban on tourists visits well before Eid to inform interested people who wanted to visit district Mansehra during the vacations, still, a large number of people from Punjab and KP those have reached in Mansehra were sent back.

Similarly in Abbottabad, police established check posts at all entry points of the district particularly in Galyat, Sajji Kot and Umbrella waterfalls.

In district Haripur, the situation was different where despite the restriction for tourists a large number of tourists from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hazara division and other districts of KP reached Khanpur lake, Tarbaila lake, Bhuttri dam, River Haro and many other streams and waterfalls.

Rescue 1122 Haripur took special measures for the safety of tourists, deputed a rescue boat and swimmer at Khanpur lake those are working round the clock.