The role of the judiciary in society is to be a custodian of the constitution and guarantor of the fundamental rights of the people. The institution is considered a sanctimonious pillar of the state, and its independence remains most necessary to ensure social amity, political development, peace and progress in any society.

Courts have different roles to play, for example, giving justice to people, interpreting laws, making the laws, maintaining equity of legislation, protecting rights, getting its decisions and judgments enforced, running of the judicial administration, conducting judicial inquiries, etc. Since independence, our judiciary has passed through many different phases which undermined its role.

The judiciary’s role remains stern and constant when it comes to the resolution of any public matter as it has to apply relevant laws to specific cases and settle disputes. It’s the most important and significant role is to provide justice to the masses. Whenever a First Information Report (FIR) is lodged for a cognizable offence, the police representing the state starts investigating the matter but fails to do it properly. It is the fault of the police, but we blame our honourable courts. The failure of the prosecution also contributes to a delay in justice.

Therefore the Government of Pakistan should revisit the laws dealing with investigation and prosecution to make them more reliable and efficient so that people can get justice done through the state.