ISLAMABAD           -      The senior leadership from both opposition parties (PPP-P and PML-N) will try to engage government’s coalition partners in its Multi-Party Conference (MPC), which is aimed at formulating a joint strategy to remove the PTI’s government in a constitutional way. 

Both the parties would also ensure participation of the unaligned religio-political party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazal (JUI-F) in its MPC, as the JUI-F had recently shown reservations against the opposition for allowing the government to pass FATF related bills in the National Assembly before Eid.

JUI-F’s chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman had expressed annoyance with PPP-P and PML-N for not taking them into confidence about their strategy on FATF related bills.

Both opposition parties, before Eidul Azha, had contacted the main coalition partners [MQM-P], Grand Democratic Alliance [GDA] and the independent party from Balochistan [BNP-Mengal] to put pressure on the ruling party [PTI]. PPP-P Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had also met BNP-chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal last month to invite him in its MPC.

Sources said the final decision to call the MPC would be made after amicably resolving some of the internal matters among the opposition parties.

When contacted, BNP-Mengal senior MNA Agha Hassan Baloch said that the party leadership would take the final decision to join the MPC of opposition parties.

“Our party has still not decided to participate in opposition APC,” said BNP-Megal MNA.

BNP-Mengal had recently announced its decision to part ways with the federal government owing to reservations with the ruling party. The PTI has tried to win back its support but so far could not woo the BNP-chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal.

PML-N’s Murtaza Javed Abbasi, talking to the media, had said that they were in contact with all the parliamentary parties of the National Assembly except PTI for its MPC.

“The meeting of parties would definitely create a huge dent to the ruling party [PTI], as even we have been receiving positive responses from government allied partners,” he said, mentioning that this government has miserably failed to provide relief to the masses.  “Actually, the people of the country want us to make a move to get rid of the present government,” he said.