I was District and Sessions Judge Hazara from 1966 to 1968. The present Hazara Division was one district at that time. In those days Hazara was supposed to be a difficult district. It was Ayub Khan's district and he was the ruler of the day. But, for doing justice, just legal acumen is not enough. Courage is a necessary requirement. A judge without courage is no judge. Such courage comes from faith in God and a sense of honour and self-respect. I had a smooth tenure in Hazara. But one day, a deputy secretary from the Law Department of the province arrived in Abbottabad along with his family. Since he had informed us in advance, we had prepared a feast for them. After the meals, however, he demanded a car to take him and his family around. In those days I did not own a car. We used to make our trips to Peshawar by public transport. So, I wanted to be excused. But he insisted that I should borrow a car for him from some one in Abbottabad. This I flatly refused, as it was against my principle and highly improper. He was very much displeased but could not do any harm to me. Some people are fond of bossing around. They think they must take undue advantage of their position in the government. This tendency is reprehensible even on the executive side. It is more so in the judiciary. The writer is a retired judge of the Lahore High Court