Punjab Governor Salman Taseer has vented his anger against TV channels in an interview saying the media in Pakistan has crossed all limits and has become a monster. Mr. Taseer has further said that the entire country is caught up in the clutches of media, as "it does not let any government work smoothly". He went on to say that anchorpersons of these TV channels think of themselves as some godly figures and that had they been in the West, they would have long been handcuffed and arrested. "There are no Madhuri Dixits, Amitabh Bachans and Aishwarya Rais in Pakistan. So these anchorpersons have become popular among the people". As they say, when gods want to destroy someone, they first make him mad. I think the problem here is not that the Governor is saying all these outrageous things; the problem, in this case at least, is that media has probably caught him for interview at the 'wrong' time. -DR IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, via e-mail, November 25.