LAHORE - Outdoor marriage halls, more than 300, located in different localities, even posh areas are violating one-dish ordinance despite massive crackdown going on since Saturday last week. All of them are unregistered and operating their business on commercial plots even without paying commercialisation fee. The City District Government Lahore had planned to regularise all marriage halls, which are still unregistered to implement one-dish policy six months back. The City authorities held some meeting with owners of marriage halls, and caterers to finalise the arrangements. But, later the issue was hushed up. The open plots, converted into marriage halls, could be spotted on Ferozpur Road, alongside Canal, Muslim Town Mor, Wahdat Colony, Allama Iqbal Road, Gulberg, Cantonment area and Sabzazar. They have also cropped up in a number of housing societies including those falling into controlled areas of LDA. Viewing the hefty profit in business, people have also converted their houses in marriage halls. As large number of them situated in streets and insides roads, they do not care for pursuing the one-dish ban. They openly entice the customers to hold the wedding ceremony with a number of dishes and all pump and show making loud music and aerial firing. On the strict directions of CM Punjab Shahbaz Shairf, police launched a crackdown to enforce one dish rule and busted 18 officials of marriage halls including Suhaag Marriage Hall in Township, VVIP Marriage Hall in Sabzazar, H & Sons Catering in North Cantt, Sajid Catering in Baghbanpura, Vicky Catering on Walton Road, VIP Catering in Shahdara, Nazir & Nazir Sons in RA Bazaar and two marriage halls in Mughalpura and Gulberg. Cases were registered against them, mostly now have been released on bail. On Monday, eight more cases were registered. Crackdown is still continuing but violation remains unchecked. Sources in privy to the development disclosed that people were preferring to hold wedding ceremonies at outdoor marriage halls due to their economical rates than regular marriage halls. Rashid Ali, a resident of Gulberg said that big hotels, clubs and banquet halls cannot accommodate a gathering of 500 to 600 as they too costly to be afforded adding while outdoor marriage halls are more better in terms of space, rates and relaxed rules and regulation. He said, "We do not welcome one dish ban believing that everyone should be allowed to serve more dishes as per his financial status. Contrary to the Punjab government restrictions, fireworks are also displayed in the marriage ceremonies, generally to welcome the baraat (the groom, his family, and the guests accompanying him), or when the bridal is finally driven away with the groom. To enquire about the strength of halls, President, Marriage Hall Association, Muhammad Illyas told The Nation that there were 175 registered marriage halls in the City. However unregistered ones might be more than these figures. Regarding dishes allowed to be served, he said, "Only one dish is allowed by the government, however in unregistered wedding halls more than one dish are in practice." Parking is a big problem outside these halls. He said, "In purpose built halls, like in Gulshen Ravi, the official as well as private parking areas exist but halls situated on many roads around the city cause traffic jams but they do nothing to solve this hurdle despite the clear instructions of the association". When asked about the musical shows and dance parties which are getting frequent these days at marriage parties, he said, "Except private family dance, professional musical parities are not allowed by the association. However, unregistered marriage halls are disturbing and violating the code of conduct in this matter which we condemn". DCO Lahore Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta said "we have complete list of marriage halls in the City" The list is updated on yearly basis" he added. He said that licenses for the banquette halls were issued and before issuing the license all the necessary measures were taken which included the visit of the particular site, Parking capacity and other allied facilities which were necessary to facilitate the public. Moreover, he added that the government kept a check on the quality of the food, and issued the food license and the laboratory tests of the employees involved in cooking. "Single dish" means curry and chappati or rice. The ban came in the form of the Marriage Ordinance of 1997 under the Nawaz Sharif government in Islamabad. In 2002 the Supreme Court declared the Marriage (Prohibition of Wasteful Expenses) Ordinance 1997 as ultra vires of the Constitution because only a provincial government could have issued the law. PML-N government in Punjab enforced the one dish ban once again in 2008.