ISLAMABAD - Considering special persons a productive part of society and to celebrate their very own day, a colourful mela was organised here on Wednesday. The mela was organised to mark the International Day of Disabled Persons. Around 3,500 special persons including children, youngsters and aged people had gathered in the mela whereas the programme was organised by Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal in collaboration with Dolphin Welfare Association and Milestone. Special persons some in wheelchairs, walking with support of white cane and some wearing hear device were in a joyful mood. Talking to the media persons, Managing Director Zamurrud Khan vowed to continue efforts for changing the plight of special persons and giving them due respect. Special persons are more capable than normal persons even some of them have more ability than normal persons and the competency of special children can be judged in different fields of life. "I know a special child who neither has legs nor arms but can operate computer very well by using his nose", he added. He urged philanthropists to contribute their donations to Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal for providing financial support to needy persons. Special people should also have equal access to job opportunities like other people, he opined. This plan can only be achieved if more and more job opportunities through public private partnership are created for special persons. He suggested that private companies should come forward and allot a specific quota for special persons that would result in providing job opportunities to them and would help in reducing their problems. Special persons need to be treated in a special way to polish their hidden talent so they can become a productive part of society, said Asma Butt Chairperson of Dolphin Welfare Association while talking to TheNation. She said this mela is aimed at giving special attention to the special people, which they need as in normal routine we ignore them. This day reminds us to change our mental approach toward them and instead of considering them as burden we should encourage them to play a constructive role in society, she added. A live concert was organised in which local singers enthralled the audience and a magician was also there to entertain special persons. A walk was also organised in which special persons enthusiastically participated. On the occasion, 30 gold medals and 20 silver medals were conferred on the winners of different competitions that were held in connection with the International Day of Disabled Persons.