VIENNA (AFP) - An anonymous thief in western Austria has offered 1,400 euros (1,770 dollars) in damages to the former owner of a moped the thief stole... 25 years ago. Police in Bregenz said they had received an anonymous letter and 1,400 euros in cash from a person asking them to deliver it "to the victim, in a penitent bid to make amends." "In 1983, I stole a moped from outside the Metro cinema," the letter said. "I wasn't aware at the time of the psychological and material consequences of such a crime," it added, requesting the police "to kindly find the details of the victim of this crime in their files." If this was not possible, the money should go to a local social service, added the letter, which arrived in the police station mailbox Tuesday morning. Police said they kept their files for at least 40 years and hoped to able to bring the former moped owner a surprise present for Christmas.