Four pilgrims died and 11 got injured in traffic accident near Yut, mah, 80 kilometer away from Madina Munawra here on Saturday. As per details, a pilgrim bus was traveling from Madina Munawra to Jeddah when it collided with a trailer arriving from opposite direction near Yut mah, 80 kilometer away from Madina Munawra, as a result 4 pilgrims died on the spot and 11 got injuries The 11 injured have been shifted to King Fahad Hospital of Madina Munawra, sources added that 41 passengers were present in the bus at the time of accident and fortunately remaining pilgrims are safe. The bus was driven by an Egypt driver who also got some sever injuries. The injured persons are Imtiaz Khan, Imran Khan, Shab Nawaz Khan, Syed Khalil, Nasreen Bibi, Gul Azad Khan, Aawal Khanan, Sir Injam Khan, Dilwar Khan and Dildari.