LAHORE: JI chief, Syed Munawar Hasan pledged that Jamaat would stage sit-in in Islamabad on December 5 at any cost and warned that any attempt to block it would be met with tough resistance. Addressing a press conference at Mansoora on Friday, he said that after winning the February 18 elections, the PPP leadership admitted that the masses had rejected Pervez Musharrafs policies. However, the same policies were being pursued with greater zeal and the public mandate had not been honoured. He said in a democratic set up, Prime Minister was chief executive but the premiers position as the chief executive was not accepted. Syed Munawar said there was no Opposition in the Parliament, as all the political parties were part of the government and they only stage protests on public issues to trick the masses, however they were endorsing the government policies. He claimed that the situation in Balochistan was worse as womenfolk from the province were being abducted and dead bodies were being found in gunny bags. JI chief further claimed that the government never made a serious effort for Dr Aafias Siddiquis release. He said that a countrywide protest was observed on Friday on the appeal of the APC against the efforts to amend the Blasphemy Law. He said that the issue had been raised only out of mischief, as such attempts had been made in the past by the secular NGOs and the American lobby to no success and the same would doom in the future. Syed Munawar said that if somebody had reservations against the court judgment against Aasia Masih, the matter should be moved in the higher courts. Condemning the Punjab Governor Salman Tasseers role in this regard, he said that Salman Taseer had been guilty of blasphemy and was playing with the people sentiments. He said nobody had the right to grant pardon to the convict of Blasphemy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), as this crime had always been punishable by death. Expressing deep concern over the setting up of the US military centre in Quetta, he termed it highly detrimental to the national security. JI Chief said that the Prime Minister had given a hint of military operation in North Waziristan, while the premier should explain whether military operation in North Waziristan carried the support of Parliament, Cabinet or not, whether it had been decided by the US only. He warned after North Waziristan, the US would demand operation in South Punjab.