LAHORE - Representative assembly of civil society met in Lahore and expressed its dissatisfaction on current relief and rehabilitation efforts for flood victims. The civil society unanimously crafted a set of priority points concerning immediate relief and rehabilitation of the flood affectees, says a press release. The civil society members noted with concern that social and regional disparities already existing have sharpened because of floods. The civil society is of strong opinion that these deepening gaps should be bridged by the state adopting a plan for crafting a new social contract with the citizens that highlights rights and entitlements of citizens and the responsibilities of the state. It also pointed out that the relief response by the state not only demonstrated deep flaws as the relief has been slow, inadequate, and politically partisan. The civil society members demanded the state to revisit its exclusionary national policies that lie at the root of the existing social and economic gaps the burden of which has to be borne by the poor and deprived of Pakistan. The countrys social, economic, commerce, foreign and national security policies all are extremely exclusionary in nature and need to be redeveloped incorporating a pro-people agenda of development and progress. They noted with concern that the over centralised disaster management structures and dismantling of the local government bodies reinforced the damage caused by floods. The state needs to restore these structures and decentralize disaster management to enable a quick state response to disasters.