KARACHI - Civil Society on Friday condemned denial of Karachi visa for Asia-Gaza Solidarity (AGS) caravan. The Asia Gaza Solidarity Caravan Sindh chapter condemned the denial of visa for Asia Gaza Solidarity Caravan to Karachi and Quetta. A meeting of Sindh Chapter comprising social, political and trade union organisations was held at Human Rights Council of Pakistan (HRCP) office Karachi and condemned in strong words the act of bureaucracy by denying Visa to Asia Gaza Caravan coming to Pakistan on December 4 and to Karachi on December 7. The meeting took exception of the visa denial and demanded the government to take action and issue visas to the delegation comprising largely of Indians and includes representatives from various other Asian countries. The meeting was of the view that denying visa to the Asia-Gaza Caravan to Karachi and Quetta will be seen as an attempt to reinforce the idea that the Pakistani state is implementing imperialist agenda in this country wherein secular forces are denied freedom of travel and expression of their anger against the siege of Gaza at the hands of Israel. The Sindh Chapter of Asia-Gaza Caravan will hold a demonstration at 04 pm on Dec 7, 2010 to condemn the denial of visa.