Chief PML (N) Mian Nawaz Sharif has said that inflation and poverty cannot be eradicated until we overcome corruption adding that we would oppose all anti people decisions of the government. Talking to a PML-N delegation from Hasalpur Nawaz Sharif said that a beggar country and government is unacceptable. Nawaz Sharif said that marshal law damaged the country always and had dismembered Pakistan in two parts. He said that people looted the country on the tag of development work and nepotism was at full swing in Musharraf era. He said that disable democracy is better than dictatorship. PML (N) chief said that N league does not want to overthrow the government but PPP should review its policies and facilitate the people in better way. He said that it is responsibility of the government to provide relief to mass. Nawaz Sharif said that PML (N) would not forget those leaders and workers who sacrificed for party in dictator era and it appointed them at party key posts. Nawaz pointed out that he cleansed the party from turncoats. He said that if PML (N) had formed a government than Pakistan would be at top in list of developed country. He said that if people give chance to PML (N) than it would help and introduce the new schemes for people. Main Nawaz Sharif said that government should avoid the clashes with institutes because it is not better for people and country. He forced the government that it should abandon its policy and implement on Apex court decision.