It was absurd to see Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa launching a save federation campaign on Friday. The reason he gave was that a conspiracy was being hatched against the federation and then pointed to the Supreme Courts orders to form the commission on memogate scandal. This is a continuation of the bombardment of criticism targeting SC by the PPP leaders including Babar Awan who shocked the nation with his press conference the other day. Indeed if there is any danger, it is to the federal government rather than the federation and that too because of the kind of destructive and anti-people polices it has been pursuing since it assumed office. It is the government policy that compelled the people to take to the streets to protest loadshedding, runaway inflation, unemployment and insecurity. There is also massive resentment in society of the PPP-led setups failure to stop the US from carrying out drone attacks. And with the passage of time as these problems continue to fester, the peoples opposition to the government has been increasing substantially. In fact, the way, various institutions are being run by the federal government, one can only see the truth in reports of rampant corruption and pilferage of national resources. Given the state of affairs, the PPP appears to be its own biggest enemy and needs no conspirator to bring its government down. Worried by the public anger over his partys dismal performance, Mr Khosa is now trying to resort to gimmicks like save federation campaign which will only invite derision and ridicule of the people beset by the festering disappointments of daily life. If only the PPP leadership was serious, it could admit to its many failures and get down to solving the main challenges confronting the country; the people would applaud such a government. Yet, almost every day there is some new controversy and new publicity stunts by PPP leaders, which reinforce the view that the federal government is merely interested in its political survival. Mr Khosas allusion to the Supreme Courts orders about the formation of the commission is regretted. Being a member of the legal fraternity himself, and holding a governorship which demands him to stay non-partisan, he should have been doubly cautious before uttering irresponsible remarks.