PESHAWAR Jamaat-e-Islami, General Secretary, Liaqat Baloch has urged the government to stop military operations against its own people in the tribal areas and recover the missing persons of Balochistan. Hailing the government decisions to suspend Nato supply and boycott Bonn Conference to be held in Germany, Baloch hoped that the government would continue this policy in order to get rid of the US alliance on war on terror. Addressing a press conference after attending a Shura meeting about the current law and order and political situation of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on Saturday here at Al-Markaz Islami, he stated that the US was the biggest terrorists of the world and it was inclined to implicate Muslim states in wars so as to weaken them. Flanked by JI Naib Ameer and former senior minister Sirajul Haq, JI, KP, Ameer Senator Prof Ibrahim, and JI, Fata, Ameer Sahibzada Haroonur Rasheed, he said after the 9/11 their party had opposed the dictatorial policy for blindly joining the war on terror. He said the people had also acknowledged their stance. The US now openly started an open war against Pakistan and the recent blatant attacks of Nato forces on Salala check posts in Mohmand Agency was the first step, he said. Liaqat Baloch said the US was conspiring to make Pakistani security forces fight against its own people and it was creating distances among them. He hoped that the government would continue to follow the same policy and would take steps to dissociate from the war on terror, keeping in view the masses aspirations. He maintained that the government did not seem to be serious in the implementation of the resolutions jointly passed by the parliament and the decisions of the recently held All Parties Conference. He urged the government to sever diplomatic ties with the US and say farewell to the alliance. Referring to the missing persons of Balochistan, he urged the government to admit its cruelties against its own people at official level and immediately recover the missing persons. He came down hard on the incumbent government over rampant corruption, price hike and worsening law and order situation. The government institutions including Wapda, Railways and PIA have collapsed whereas the rulers have no care of it, he observed. Baloch blamed that the present government further strengthened the military establishment and all put all the burden on people in shape of price hike of petroleum products. He said the government totally failed on all fronts and it would be better for it to itself announce the next election. He also dispelled any chance of any undemocratic move and vowed that they would strongly oppose any unconstitutional adventurism in the country. To a query about the Shamsi Airbase in the use of the US forces, he said the base was given to UAE on lease not with the purpose to let it be used against its own people. He also announced that JI would hold 'Jalsa-e-Inqilab on December 18 against the US and 'corrupt rulers of the country in Peshawar.