DUBAI (INP) - Chief of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) and former President Pervez Musharraf has said that the Bonn Conference will not produce any magical results that could solve the Afghanistan issue. Expressing his views in a television interview, he said that nobody knows who is leading the Taliban and who holds sway over them. 'Who is the real commander of the Taliban? This is an important question. Mullah Omar or Gulbadin Hikmatyar or Haqqani? So who should be talked to? Then there are several other groups in Pakistan. So it is not an easy process, he added. On the issue of the recent NATO attack on the Pakistani check post in Mohmand Agency, he said that, 'Pakistan should take action but avoid military confrontation while getting guarantees from the US and NATO forces. In reply to another question, Musharraf said that Pakistan has the right to possess nuclear technology as the country has serious security issues, especially from the eastern borders and the neighbour has not accepted our freedom and sovereignty completely. 'We tested the nuclear device and over the years we have safeguarded our nuclear programme under several layers of security and nobody can attack and destroy these assets, he added. He said that there is an impression in the US about the Pakistan Army not taking any action against the Haqqani network. 'I tell the Americans that when you leave Afghanistan in 2014, then what will happen in Afghanistan? If Haqqani network is in Pakistan, then half the responsibility lies with you [United States]. If you want to destroy them, then do it in Afghanistan. Pakistan is not responsible for everything, he added.