George Clooney has told actors to quit complaining. The 'Descendants star revealed he is sick of his peers moaning about how tough their lives are and he said other people need to remember how lucky they are. Speaking during The Hollywood Reporters actors round table, he said: I cut tobacco for a living in Kentucky - that was hard work. I sold insurance door to door - thats hard work. Acting is not hard work. If youre lucky enough to be sitting at a table like this, youve been very lucky in your life. You caught the brass ring somewhere along the way. Ive known a tremendous number of talented actors who didnt get opportunities. Is it hard work? There are long hours, but nobody wants to hear you complain. I remember I was selling womens shoes at a department store, which is a lousy job. George recalled hearing other actors complaining as he struggled to make it in the industry and said it has made his determined to enjoy his good fortune. He explained: I remember I would hear of famous stars complaining in Hollywood about how hard their life was - I didnt want to hear that. So I dont find it difficult. I find it challenging, and sometimes Im very bad at it, but I dont find it hard. EPS