LAHORE Despite heavy police deployment to maintain law and order during the holy month of Muharram here in the provincial metropolis, dacoits and robbers are committing armed robberies more aggressively and they often flee away successfully. More interestingly, as the top officers have deployed more than 12,000 policemen across the City to ensure peace, dacoits and gangsters are also looting families and motorists, apart from house robberies, in every nook and corner of the Punjab Capital. It (phenomena) indicates two things; either the police are unable to nab those behind armed robberies or the gangsters are so desperate and organised that the police presence cannot keep them away from their routine 'business. The crime (against property) rate has swelled to an alarming level here in the City with dacoits committing no less than 50 armed robberies everyday. However, the police register only 15 to 20 cases (FIRs) daily. This illegal practice gives police an opportunity to downplay the incidents of gun crimes, which otherwise damage their performance. For instance, robbers on Saturday made off with cash, gold ornaments, and other valuables worth million of rupees in more than 45 successful strikes in different parts of the City but the police registered only 16 cases of armed robberies. According to the police record, dacoits on Saturday robbed two houses, looted families, motorists and passersby and took away cash and valuables worth Rs two million in 16 successful strikes from different parts of the City. Five dacoits equipped with automatic weapons barged into the residence (No 25, Street no 3) of Riasat Ali in Factory Area police limits and snatched away one motorcycle, cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 430,000 after holding the inmates hostage at gunpoint. Four armed robbers forced their entry into the house of Shahzad Ali in Township police vicinity and held up the family members at gunpoint. The bandits escaped after collecting cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 337,000. Muhammad Imran told the police that he along with his friend was on his way to a nearby market when two motorcyclists intercepted them in Township police area. The gunmen held up both the friends and snatched away cash and cellular phones worth Rs 55,000 from them. Two gunmen stopped one Faisal in Ravi Road police area and snatched away his motorcycle (LER-4035) at gunpoint. Mrs Shahid riding on a car was coming back after dropping her kids at a school when two gunmen intercepted her in Hanjarwal police area. The housewife was deprived of cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 110,000. A car-rider, Karamat, along with his wife was coming back home when two motorcyclists stopped him in Sabzazar police locality. The gunmen held up the couple and fled away after snatching cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 175,000. Another two motorcyclists held up Zulifqar in Shahdara police area and snatched away Rs 40,000 and a mobile phone from him. Two gunmen held up another car-rider, Nazir, and his wife in Kahna area and deprived the couple of cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 90,000 at gunpoint. Two gunmen held up Kashif in Gujjarpura police area and deprived him of cash, prize bonds and mobile phone worth Rs 112,000. Two motorcyclists held up another car-rider, Omar, in City Raiwind police area and snatched away Rs 97,000 from him. Tow gunmen held up Imran and his wife near 2nd roundabout in Samanabad police vicinity. The couple was deprived of cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 74,000. Zulifqar Ali was coming back home from his office when two gunmen intercepted him in Sanda police area. The robbers escaped after snatching Rs 85,000 from him at gunpoint. Another two robbers held up Azeem at gunpoint in Shera Kot police area and snatched away Rs 110,000 from him. A motorcyclist was on his way home when two gunmen stopped him near Chungi Amarsidhu. He was deprived of cash and mobile phone worth Rs 25,000 at gunpoint. Robbers looted Rs 27,000 from Rizwan in Lytton Road police precincts while Usman was deprived of Rs 21,000 from Faisal Town police jurisdiction. Such alarming increase in the incidents of armed robberies should be more than an eye-opener for those sitting at the helm of affairs. In fact, both the Punjab government the City police have failed to perform their fundamental responsibility that is protection to the life and property of the citizens. Effective planning is crucial to cub gun crimes as massive deployment of force is not the solution.