ISLAMABAD - The government is in position not to impose any new tax during the ongoing financial year 2011-2012 to raise the revenue collection keeping in view the current progress of the Federal Board of Revenue, as its collection showed more than 28 per cent growth in one year, it has been learnt. As revenue collection went up by over 28 per cent during the first five months (July-November) of the current year, therefore we can say that the government will reach the target without taking additional revenue generation measures, said an FBR official while talking to The Nation on Saturday. He further added that revenue collection has went up due to several steps taken by the FBR that included elimination of the tax exemptions in March 2011 and also due to enforcement and documentation drive at national level. The FBR has collected some Rs 640 billion during the first five months (July-November) of the current financial year 2011-2012, 28 per cent higher than the collection of Rs 500 billion in the same period last year. Meanwhile, the monthly revenue collection during November 2011 stood at Rs 131 billion against Rs 103 billion in the same month of last fiscal year. However, sources said that tax collection numbers would further go up in next few days, as these are provisional figures. It might be recalled here that government had set Rs 1952 billion revenue collection target for the ongoing financial year 2011-2012. However, later due to the figures fudging episode of the FBR, the economic experts and finance ministry officials were of the view that government might not able to achieve the target as the base of Rs 1952 billion has been changed. The government has set Rs 1952 billion at the base of Rs 1580 billion of the previous fiscal year, however FBR was able to collect Rs 1550 billion, therefore the base was changed. Similarly, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in recent talks with Pakistan showed concerns over the revenue collection target as it said that Federal Board of Revenue would be able to collect Rs 1900 to Rs 1930 billion during the ongoing fiscal year. However, Pakistani government assured the IMF that they would easily achieve the target during the current year keeping in view the so far progress of the revenue collection.