AS United States finalises its plan to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, Indian authorities are getting ready to train nearly 30,000 Afghan troops in the next three years. The US has urged other countries to join hands with it to train Afghan troops, which will take over the duties of North Atlantic Treaty Organisations forces after they leave in 2014. Incidentally, though the Pakistan government had expressed its interest in training Afghan troops, the US chose to approach India instead. According to a report in Janes Defence Weekly, Afghan troops will be trained in north and east India, as per the agreement signed between the two nations a couple of months ago. India has played a large role in strengthening the infrastructure of the war-torn country by assisting in the construction of roads, power plants and buildings. Security experts say India had expressed a keen interest in training Afghan soldiers as it is wary of the preparedness of the latter to combat forces like Taliban and terrorism, after the withdrawal of NATO soldiers. An unstable Afghanistan in the wake of the NATO troop withdrawal will spell doom for India, warn security experts.