He might weigh 120kg with fangs sharp enough to serrate limbs, but this lethal alligator is nothing but gentle, his brave keeper insists. Nelson, the 10ft long alligator, loves nothing more than to swim around his pit and have his chin rubbed by wildlife enthusiast Stuart Parker, and has so far resisted the temptation to bite. Mr Parker now runs the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia, after becoming fascinated with reptiles at the young age of six when a baby gator whipped his hand with its tale and bit his chest. He was not injured by the incident and instead of fearing the creatures, he grew to love them and has followed in his grandparents footsteps who originally established the wildlife park. Mr Parker said: 'You can work really closely with the alligators because of their gentle natures. They even let you rub them under the chin. MO