Former Pakistani ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani while rebutting Mansoor Ijazs claims in Newsweek/Daily Beast, Sunday sought retraction of the same and threatened legal action against him and the magazine. He referred to Mansoor Ijazs article An Insiders Analysis of Pakistans 'Memogate (Daily Beast December 5, Newsweek December 12) and said, In the strongest terms possible, I categorically reject as reckless, baseless and false the allegations levelled against me by Mr Mansoor Ijaz about prior knowledge of US plans for a raid in Abbottabad in violation of Pakistani sovereignty to eliminate Osama bin Laden as well as his earlier charges about my role in a memo he wrote and sent to the US Chairman Joint Chiefs. Indeed, the falsehoods and mistruths in this piece indict, impeach and destroy his credibility. I was in Washington DC until the evening of May 1 ET when I boarded a flight for London on way to Dubai and Islamabad. Upon hearing of the bin Laden raid I turned around from Heathrow airport and returned to Washington DC on the afternoon of May 2. My visit to London on May 9-10 to meet with senior British officials was to discuss reconciliation in Afghanistan and discuss Pakistan-UK and US-Pakistan relations in the wake of the Osama bin Laden raid. My British interlocutors would attest to the fact that I did not discuss any fears about domestic political developments in Pakistan and certainly did not talk about any hare brained scheme against the Pakistani military. Unless Newsweek retracts the article by Mr Ijaz, and his impugning of my patriotism and loyalty to Pakistan, I intend legal action to right the wrongs done to me by these outrageous allegations.