AUCKLAND (APP) - Pakistan hockey team manager, Khawaja Junaid blamed missing in action for Pakistans defeat to England in the Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament and warned the players to get of this tendency to revive their sagging fortune in the event. It was not a kind of result we were anticipating after doing good in the first half and it was again spoiling the chances which let us down and deprived us of from three points, he told APP after England beat Pakistan 2-1 here on Saturday. Junaid said: Team appeared sluggish in the second half before shinning in the first session and could not defy a strong English side. Things turned out well as per our planning in the first session, though we missed quite a good number of chances for scoring field goals, but second half was a disappointment as we could not deliver the way we had planned, said the former Olympian. He said the result was not a disappointment for him as the team played well as it was preparing for next years Olympics. What we witnessed the occurrence of missing the chances which ruined our chances in the match and players must endeavour to get rid of this problem, he said. Junaid said luck also not favour Pakistan as Sohail Abbas could not force the penalty corners because of being out of the field due to random substitution aimed at resting the veteran player to preserve his energy. I was looking forward to victory because we are in good practice and preparations after beating Australia recently in the final of a tournament in Perth, but sadly we could not play to a higher level in todays game and lost with a close margin, said Pakistan team official. He urged the players to struck improve performance in their second match against Spain to stay on course in the 8-nation tournament. Pakistan hockey captain endorsed the thoughts of his manager and said Our team played a good first half and could not repeat a similar performance in the second session. From the beginning we controlled the game through sheer hard work and planning and the way we played the first 20 minutes we were confident of wrapping up the match on our favour but the second half proved a nightmare for us and we failed to consolidate the lead and eventually lost the match, he said. He said the young players are being given a fair chance in the event which the team is playing to expose them to highest level of play for the next years Olympics in London. We are here to learn and to improve for our future endeavours and we are also aiming not to repeat the similar mistakes in coming matches as the learning tells how to improve your game, he asserted. English coach Jason Lee said his team made a great come back in the second half to shatter the confidence of team and to win the match. We controlled the most of the game in the second half as we came up with changed planning which helped us to equalize and then led us to victory, he said. Jason praised the performance of Pak team in the first half.