Our Staff Reporter MOHMAND AGENCY The activists of 'Khwaizai Amn Committee from the villages located at the Pak-Afghan border Saturday held a protest demonstration against the Nato air strike and vowed to unconditionally support Pakistani security forces. The protestors led by peace committee chief Malik Riaz were waving weapons in the air, warning that if anyone tried to violate the country sovereignty they would meet a humiliating defeat. Dozens of protestors including youngsters and aged tribesmen participated in the protest demonstration. They were chanting full-throated slogans against the US and Nato forces and in favour of Pakistan Army. Addressing the protestors on the occasion, Malik Riaz and Malik Mutawal said the tribesmen from the day first had been rendering sacrifices of lives and properties to safeguard the boundaries of the state. They said despite the worsening law and order situation, the tribesmen kept the boundaries safe from any aggression. Criticising the Nato forces for cunningly attacking in Pakistani territories and targeting Pakistani security forces, they strongly condemned the aggression and termed the Nato a 'snake in the sleeves.