LAHORE - After several media reports of Mujahid Squad of patronising anti-social elements, now the police personnel have started kidnapping innocent citizens for ransom as two police officers in connivance with three drug peddlers kidnapped a rickshaw driver from Lawrence Road, Civil Lines police precincts, on Thursday last. The abducted person identified as Qaisar Nadeem, however, has been recovered by the victim family on self-help basis whereas all of the five kidnappers including two police constables have also been captured by the family members. Instead of taking strict departmental action against the criminal cops, the police officers of lower ranks are pressurising the victim family members to exclude the names of the police officers from their application submitted for the registration of FIR, said a member of the victim family, adding the SHO Civil Lines via his Muharrar pressurised the victim family to exclude the names of the guilty cops. 30-year-old rickshaw driver Qaisar Nadeem, son of Khushi Muhammad and a resident of Shahdara, was kidnapped on gunpoint from Lawrence Road around 3:30pm on Thursday by two police constables namely Zeshan alias Shani and Irfan Shah. The criminal cops used official guns during this felony act. They shifted the abducted person to a quarter-cum-hostel situated on Wahdat Road near Rickshaw stand and later phoned the victim family around 6pm and demanded Rs 0.2million for his release. They phoned me from my brother-in-laws cell number and demanded the amount. During the negotiation, the criminals agreed to receive Rs 115, 000 and directed us to visit Kot Lakhpat area around 9pm the same night, Muhammad Idrees told this reporter. Meanwhile, the abductors changed the place of receiving ransom money, asking them to come in front of the Camp Jail on the main road where their two motorcyclist accomplices will receive the amount and later Qaiser Nadeem will be released. We along with our friend-cum-policemen of Mozang police station cordoned of the Camp Jail, Abdul Rauf Niazi, President Goldsmith Market South, Shahdara, said. Meanwhile, two motorcyclists approached the site secretly and advised the victim family member (via phone call) to sit in rickshaw and start moving towards Ichra on Main Ferozepur Road. The victim family members, however, detected the motorcyclists and captured them before approaching the Ichra Overhead Bridge. The criminals were identified as Hammad Riaz and Muhammad Hafiz Umair, drug peddlers by profession. In the meantime, the criminal cops phone the victim family member and asked about the amount, who replied he was going back to home as no one accomplices yet approached to get money. They anxiously advised me to stand besides the Lower Mall police station as they reached there within few minutes, Mr Niazi said, adding meanwhile we traced the whereabouts of the criminals on Wahdat Road and recovered the hostage Qaiser Nadeem. The gangster policemen namely Zeshan and Irfan Shah were also arrested by the family friends of the victim family from Karbla Gamy Shah the same day.