ELLAH ABAD - PML-N District Kasur Vice President and Parliamentary Secretary Ch Ahsan Raza Khan has said that due to wrong policies of federal government the farmers are facing severe financial problems and high prices of fuel, electricity and fertilizers have made their lives miserable. Ahsan Raza was talking to the cultivators and party workers in Ellah Abad, the other day. Notables of the area including Tariq Nawaz khan, Ch Muhammad Akrim Khan, Dr Muhammad Abas and Arshid Qammar Advocate were also present there. Ahsan said that PML-N would protest against anti-growers policies on the platform of national and provincial assemblies. MPA claimed that the practice of running economy with the help of loans had endangered the national security and honour. He further said that Zardari and his partner were busy in destroying the countrys interest. They have only one point agenda to obey the American orders, he added. In this situation PML-N was the only party witch had ability to control the crises for the national interest, he said, adding, We can take solid steps for the progress of Pakistan. Ahsan Raza pointed out that anti-Pakistan forces were in action specially America and India and recent attack on Army check post proved that the US was the biggest enemy of Pakistan after India.