LAHORE - Supreme Court Bar Association President Mohammad Yaseen Azad said that Constitution of Pakistan has defined the institutions limits and they should perform their responsibilities within these limits. He was addressing a forum of Aiwan-e-Waqt on Saturday. The forum was arranged by Saif-ul-Allah and Mohammad Saqlain Javed. Earlier, he met with The Nation Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami. Yaseen Azad said that if the institutions of county crossed their limits then another force would take over the rule and there would be exist neither free judiciary nor any democratic government. Supreme Court is not powerless and it knows how the verdicts be implemented, Azad said, adding lawlessness and corruption was increasing day by day due to non-implementation of Constitution. He said that only poor people were being trailed by the law and rich people were beyond the law and system whereas the country could not be changed with revolution. The country needed to change its foreign policy according to the modern age and not in position to confront directly with US. Talking about memogate issue, Azaad said that the contents of memo were already doubtful and it was not appropriate to create such hype on the basis of any doubtful writings. He said the Parliament was the best forum to solve the political issues and avoid to take every matter in the Supreme Court. The number of experienced judges had reduced due to the verdict of the Supreme Court against PCO Judges and the progress of new Judges was not satisfactory, Azad said, adding the judiciary has not secured its independence completely. He said that there is need of amendments in rules and regulation according to the modern age. He also condemned the Nato attack on Pakistani checkposts and said the drones were killing the innocent people of Pakistan. Meanwhile, criticising the apex courts decision for constituting commission for the transparent inquiry about memo scandal, the President and Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) on Saturday said that formation of commission was the duty of Parliament and not that of the court. They were addressing first press conference at the SCBA Lahore office after recent bar election. Interestingly, Ahsan Bhoon and Syed Zulfqar Ali Bokhari, who took oath under Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO), were also present in the press conference and no senior officebearer of SCBA objected to their presence. SCBA President Muhammad Yaseen Azad and Secretary Mohammad Aslam Zaar said that every institution of the country should perform its duties within its limits. It will harmful for the country, if institutions will go beyond their limits, Azad said, adding that it was premature to comment on memogate issue as the matter is subjudice. The SCBA President said that political stakeholders should resolve their issues in the parliament and should not involve judiciary in every issue. The Supreme Court should not be approached for sensitive issues like memogate, Azad said, adding that memogate inquiry should be held through parliament. Azad added that PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif should discuss the memogate issue in the National Assembly as his party has 90 seats. He said the Supreme Court had not provided the opportunity to federal government to explain its point of view before the court. It is true that Attorney General was present in the Supreme Court during the hearing against memogate petitions, but the apex court did not allow him time to take the directions from the federation for its representation, Azad responded to a question. Mr Azad and Aslam Zar also praised the governments steps after the Nato attack on Pakistani check-post in which 24 soldiers were martyred and support the recent press conference of PPPs legal wizard Babar Awan. Boycott of Boon conference, stoppage of Nato supply and ordered to vacate Shamis airbase were the bold and good efforts of the federal government, Azad said, adding that Awans press conference could not be deemed as contempt of court.