MUZAFFARGARH - The administration of the Beacon School Muzaffargarh, affiliated with Sargodha University, has 'destroyed the educational careers of MEd students. Students, during a press conference, told the journalists that the Beacon School administration informed the students, when they were coming to get addition in MEd, that the course would be in Urdu and examination centre would also be set up in Muzaffargarh. And after admission, the students were given lectures in Urdu. But two months before the exams, the students were informed that the exams would be taken in English, which infuriated the students and they started protests against the administration. For the time being, the administration accepted their demand. But before fifteen days of exams, they again issued the notification that exams would be taken in English and centre of examination would be in DG Khan. Students again started protests against this step, but administration ignored their protests. The students said that their preparation for the exams was badly effected due to this step. They demanded the government to take strict action against the institute. It is important to mention here that the examination centre is 65km away from Muzaffargarh.