QUETTA - Political and religious leaders have stressed the need for reviewing the countrys domestic and foreign policies to meet the challenges being faced by the nation. The recovery of decomposed bodies of missing people has been adding to the Balochs woes, said the speakers of a seminar titled Law and Order Situation of Balochistan and Role of Political Parties organised by an NGO at the Quetta Press Club Saturday. The speakers included Rauf Lala of PkMAP, Agha Hassan of BNP-M, Abdul Qayyum of JI, Abdul Rasheed Sharrodi of JUI and others. They said after the Industrial Revolution, the capitalism nourished, which exploited oppressed and suppressed nations. Even the United States could not remain safe from it, they said, adding that the rulers had been taking dictation from IMF on budget and the latter had established a permanent desk for monitoring the economic policies and budget of the country. They said undemocratic forces had been creating hurdles in the way of political forces, adding to miseries of the people, including the Balochs. These forces have never allowed voices of political parties to be heard and put their leadership behind bars after dubbing them as traitors, speakers said, calling for increased provincial autonomy to Balochistan. Criticising the government, they said the rulers had forgotten their responsibility of providing security to the people. They urged the government to protect the basic rights of the masses and take extraordinary steps to ensure law and order. They alleged that anti-social elements were given a free hand in the province to spoil the situation and no action was being taken against them by the government and law enforcement agencies. Criminal groups are roaming freely. They condemned the recovery of decomposed and bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons, saying that such incidents would worsen the situation in the province. They demanded an immediate investigation into the killing of missing persons and recovery of bodies, besides the steps for the release of rest of missing persons. They said the rulers should review the countrys domestic interior and foreign policies to ensure basic rights. The speakers called upon political and religious leaders to play their active role in maintaining law and order.