KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party MPAs Imdad Pitafi, Imran Zafar Laghari and Sardar Fayaz Bhut have said that Nawaz Sharif’s support for Kalabagh Dam has exposed his Punjab-centred policies before the public.They stated in a joint statement issued here on Monday. They said that Pakistan Muslim League-N wanted to harm the federation and the narrow-mindedness of nationalists, who presented Nawaz as hero in Sindh, had also been exposed.Criticising PML-Sindh representatives, they said that PML-N had not a single politician in the province, who possessed political wisdom.They said that politicians like Mumtaz Bhutto and Liaquat Jatoi were seasonal and their sole purpose was to run after power and to get it by hook or crook.They said although both politicians had not even worth to win UC election they did corruption and fraud to win elections.During Musharraf regime Liaquat Jatoi was given ministry to construct Kala Bhag Dam, they reminded.They said that N-League would face a historic defeat in Punjab in upcoming elections as people hated the so-called political party for the corrupt past and present of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.Asghar Khan Case has proved that the sole aim of Sharif brothers was to plunder the wealth of the country and steal the taxes, they concluded.