LAHORE - Renowned economist and former Vice President of World Bank Shahid Javed Burki will present a thought-provoking Macroeconomic address at the 13th MAP Convention being held by the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) on December 18, in Karachi. Theme chosen for this year’s Convention is “Leadership, People, Innovation”. Terrabiz is the official conference organiser of the Convention.

World’s leading Trendspotter, Futurologist and Author, Magnus Lindkvist, will speak on “A New World of Possibility”. Magnus is one of the most sought after speakers globally.

The Convention also features the renowned Bangladeshi entrepreneur, Dipal Chandra Barua. Dr Santrupt B. Misra - CEO, Carbon Black Business & Director, Global HR Head, Aditya Birla Management Corporation will speak on “The Art of Optimising 3 P’s with HR – People, Performance and Profit”.

The Convention will additionally have the presence of the other highly acclaimed speakers including: Dr Marie Lall – Fellow Royal Society of Arts; Mike Sherman – Head, Living Analytics, Group Digital Life, Singtel; Saad Amanullah Khan – CEO, Gillette Pakistan; Shehzad Naqvi – former President and CEO, Royal Bank of Scotland; Muhammad Younas – Head of Innovation & Internal Expansion,; and Furqan Qureshi – SEVP South, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited.

The Convention will be moderated by Eithne Treanor – Special Correspondent, CNBC Arabia and Managing Director, ETreanor Media.