Chairman Parliamentary Committee on National Security‚ Mian Raza Rabbani has said 18th constitutional Amendment was the biggest transformation of governmental structure in the history of Pakistan‚ which will go a long way in ensuring good governance in the country.

He also urged the need for exchange of experience among SAARC member-states.

Addressing the inaugural session of the second three-day meeting of the chiefs of public and service commissions of SAARC member-countries in Islamabad Tuesday, Raza Rabbani urged the need for exchange of experience among SAARC member-states.

He said that all SAARC member-states have in the past remained under colonial rule due to which their civil services are only focusing on law and order‚ governance and administration. However‚ he said there is a need to change this mindset and promote the spirit of public service among the civil servants.

Mian Raza Rabbani said the civil servants are part and parcel of policy-making and they control the resources of the country. Therefore‚ they should be well equipped with skills to face emerging challenges.

He urged civil servants to promote decentralism and federalism‚ which are essential for making decisions at local level.

He urged the need for sharing of experience among SAARC member-states in this connection and proposed exchange of frequent visits among regional countries and establishment of a collective training organization for civil servants.