KARACHI (PR) - To cater to the ever increasing interest of the public in non-surgical methods of youth maintenance and rejuvenation, a live demonstration of the revolutionary PRP technique was conducted by Dr Tania Shaikh at Dr Afzaal Lodhi and Associates.A large number of people from all walks of life attended the event where they were not only able to witness the procedure being carried out in front of them, but also share their views on the technique. A demonstration of such a newly introduced cosmetic technique in Pakistan is a fresh approach and was highly appreciated by all the attendees, as it not only added to their knowledge but also allowed them to interact with the doctor and patient to get their views on the details of this ground-breaking procedure.The PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a non-invasive anti-aging technique that utilizes several different growth factors and hormones extracted from a patient’s own blood plasma to stimulate the repair and regeneration of skin and collagen. PRP is known to improve the texture, tone and general condition of the skin across its several layers. Micro-injections are done after the application of topical anesthetic. One session may take less than half an hour and only a few are required to ensure results that may last for up to two years. PRP has been practiced for quite some time now in other spheres of medicine. It has had a long and successful run with reconstructive surgeons in the world and is considered as a very low-risk undertaking for patients, causing negligible or no side effects or down time.Expressing her own views on the PRP technique, Dr. Tania said," With surgery, there may be a tightening of the skin against the bone of the face making a person sometimes appear skeletal. PRP on the other hand, leads to a rejuvenation of the existing skin, lifting it away from the bone to its original youthful, glowing shape. It is considered by some of the top cosmetologists a useful adjunct for laser skin resurfacing, RF procedures and autologous fat transfers." When asked about the applicability of the procedure she added."Provided a patient has been cleared for the use of PRP with some basic blood tests and investigation into medical history and lifestyle; it may be used to treat wrinkles anywhere on the body, including but not limited to crow’s feet, smile lines, and even stubborn acne scars."