WHAT a cracking idea! Breakfast boffins have invented an egg which boils in its own box - perfect for munching on the move.  The Gogol Mogol is a single-use cardboard egg box made with special chemical layers that produce heat when activated.  A tag pulled from the container sets off a chemical reaction which makes the small package warm up and cook the egg in just two minutes. It was created by a Russian team of inventors known as KIAN, and designed by Evgeny Morgalev. And it has just won an award from the European Packaging Design Association. A KIAN spokesman said: “The product is just a usual egg in an unusual package, possessing unique product properties.  “The time for preparing eggs should be a couple of minutes and after cooking eggs the package should be thrown away, it’s impossible to use it more than one time. “It takes two or three minutes to boil and may be opened when you think it’s done, some people prefer hard-boiled eggs and other like lightly cooked eggs.  “Gogol Mogol is an eco-friendly project, so we believe the consumer of these eggs would be someone who supports the environment and has a healthy lifestyle.”  The recyclable packaging is made using similar technology to self-heating tins from calcium hydroxide, water and other chemicals which create heat when mixed together.