Saeed Ahmed Chishti

PAKPATTAN - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday said that the Federal govt was responsible for loadshedding and miseries of the masses. He said that because of criminal negligence of the corrupt and incapable rulers, the country was grappling with severe energy crisis today.

Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif was addressing a public gathering here at Pakpattan after performing the ground-breaking ceremony of Pakpattan Hydro Power Project which will be constructed at a cost of Rs150 million. A Chinese company Cinotech will construct the project.

Speaking to a well-attended gathering, the Punjab CM claimed that had PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif been in power, the country would have been steered out of darkness and put to the path of 'light' and prosperity. He pointed out that the Punjab government had been taking concrete and comprehensive steps to overcome energy crisis, adding that foreign and private investment for electricity generation was being encouraged.

Shahbaz Sharif averred that the provincial government had chalked out a comprehensive energy plan and was endeavouring to provide additional resources for energy sector to cater to the needs of industry, agriculture and domestic consumers. He said that the Provincial Energy Department was pursuing a multi-prong policy in collaboration with all stakeholders to attract private sector to the energy sector.

Shahbaz lamented that agriculture sector which was the backbone of the national economy was being destroyed by providing fertilizers on exorbitant prices.

The Punjab CM claimed that after coming to power the PML-N would overcome the energy crisis within six months, adding that unemployment and poverty would be eliminated from the country.

Shahbaz Sharif further said that the revolutionary programmes initiated by the PML-N government for the youth were yielding positive results as hundreds of thousands of poor, talented, intelligent and unemployed youth were being benefitted from the programmes.

He said the Punjab government was making all-out efforts to ensure that youth were given their due right through. He enumerated that various programmes as such Green Tractors Scheme, Laptops distribution, self-employment scheme, buses for colleges, solar panels and bio-gas pilot project had been initiated during the current year.

On the occasion Punjab Energy Secretary Jehanzaib Khan, MNA Sardar Mansab Ali Doger, MPA Mian Atta Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Jameel Fareedi and Chinese Engineers also addressed the gathering.

In his speech, Shahbaz Sharif also showered Chinese with praised and said that China was a true friend who always stood firm with Pakistan in the latter's hour of need. The Punjab CM pointed out that when others disappointed and left Pakistan in the lurch China helped out with whatever it deemed necessary be that 1965 and 1970 wars with India. He also lauded the role of MPA Mian Atta Muhammad Manika and other members of Unification Block in the Punjab Assembly.

MPAs Pir Kashif Chishti and Ch Javed Ahmed, former Dewan Azmat Said Muhammad Chishti, MPA Zaeem Qadri, Punjab Zakat and Usher Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran, Sahiwal Divisional Commissioner Qazi Muhammad Ashfaq, the RPO, DCO Pakpattan Syed Haider Iqbal, DPO Sarfraz Falki and TMO Fida Iftikhar Mir were also present on the occasion.