SADIQABAD - Endorsing the High Court's decision on Kalabagh Dam, Tehrik-e-Istaqlal Central President Rahmat Khan Wardag said that instead of making the issue controversial, the opposing parties should move the Supreme Court against the decision.

"The LHC decision is correct. As the dam is to be constructed in the Punjab province, the court made a correct verdict," said Wardaq.  "The Council of Common Interests is aimed at resolving rifts among the provinces and the council has approved the dam's construction and the same is the nation's opinion."

He was of the view that dams' construction is neither a provincial issue nor the provincial assemblies' resolutions have any constitutional value in this regard. He added that the provinces should have got their resolutions on the issue passed by the National Assembly and the Senate so that the national interest issue could have reached at its logical end.

Explaining logically, he said that Nowshera, Swabi, Jehangira and Khairabad are 35 kilometers away from Tarbela Dam and these areas never suffer any damage due to the presence of the dam. However, he added, the Kalabagh Dam site is 185 kilometers away from these areas, so how the dam could cause damage to these areas.

He said that those claimed that the KBD would cause a damage to Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa lived in a fools' paradise. He was of the view that KPK would be the biggest beneficiary of the dam while hundreds of acres of land in Tank, Kurk and Dera Ismail Khan would be irrigated with the dam's water thereby bringing prosperity in the areas.

He disclosed that Wali Khan (late) had levelled two objections on the dam's constructions and both the objections were removed by Ziaul Haq. Thus, he said, the KPK's objections have been addressed technically. He detailed that Wali Khan had demanded that KBD's height should be decreased by 10 feet and the expenditures for getting water from the dam to irrigate Dera Ismail Khan should not be collected from the farmers.  He said that both the objections were addressed by the Zia regime. "I am astonished why Sindh politicians do not demand construction of small dams prior to the construction of Kalabagh Dam," he said.