MALAKAND - PML(N) Central Vice President and MNA Eng Amir Muqaam has said that the rulers have changed the face of the country and it becomes difficult for poor masses to live in Pakistan. He told that due to the wrong policies of the present government the country is on the verge of disaster.

He expressed these views while addressing a huge gathering at the Government High School ground Totakan on Monday. He said that corruption has achieved the legal status and darkness has become destiny of the masses. He also said that only devoted and sincere leadership can save the sinking country. He said that if leadership is honest and devoted then it is not impossible to resolve all the problems faces the people now a days.

He said that if we want to save Pakistan and give a prosperous future for our next generation then it is must to relieve ourselves form this corrupt government and bring PML (N) in powers.

He said that the credit of changing the name of the province does not go to ANP but to PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif as he had proposed and supported the name for NWFP in the 18th amendment.

Amir Muqaam told that once again A.N.P wants to starts politics on the name of Kalabagh dam but they will no get success in it. PM.L.(N) thinks that Kalabagh is a technical issue and not a political , if the construction of Kalabagh dam eventually causes losses to KPK and Sindh provinces then we oppose it but at the cost of political bases.