GERMAN supermodel Heidi Klum postponed her annual Halloween party after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York; this weekend she made up for it in style.

She might hail from Germany, but Heidi Klum celebrates Halloween with the gusto of a bona fide American - so much so that her annual Haunted Holiday party has become the fixture of the New York Halloween party scene.

This year her plans were thwarted when Hurricane Sandy hit America’s East Coast, but the fancy dress enthusiast couldn’t let her Cleopatra-inspired costume go to waste; instead she changed the date to December 1 and had an extra month to perfect her look. …and what a look it was. Hiring the services of Bill Corso, an Oscar and Emmy-winning make-up artist who has created looks for The Amazing Spider-Man , X-Men and Savages , Klum’s face was transformed with hundreds of carefully placed crystals, highlighting her cheeks, lips and the bridge of her nose - rendering her practically unrecognisable.        –TG