NOWSHERA VIRKAN - Jamaat-e-Islami leader and candidate for NA-100 Sardar Riaz Ahmad has said that the JI can bring change the Islamic revolution in the country.

He said that both the federal and provincial governments had given nothing to the masses but inflation, poverty, unemployment, terrorism and loadshedding which were creating unrest across the country.

He was addressing a public gathering here the other day.

He claimed that the JI never been involved in corruption and criminal activities and not supporting "robbers and thieves."

He said that the JI was struggling to establish a true Islamic welfare state. He said that the PPP and PML-N were two sides of same coin. They were making polices on the directions received from their foreign masters.

Sardar Riaz urged the masses to reject the dishonest, selfish and corrupt politicians in the upcoming general elections and give a chance to those who were committed to run the state as per-Islamic ideology.

Speaking on the occasion, Mazhar Iqbal Sajid expressed concern over the government's agriculture policy and said that growers were not getting proper rates for their produce. He demanded availability of irrigation water in the area, adding that quality of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides should be ensured to the growers on concessional rates.