KHANEWAL/HASILPUR - A man killed his wife, daughter and son over suspicion of extramarital affairs in Khanewal while another burnt his wife alive over a dispute in Hasilpur on Monday. 

Javed, a resident of Chak 15/9R Sahuan Wala of Khanewal district, shot his wife, Rukhsana 9-year-old daughter Humaira, and son Muhammad Imran mortally wounded.

The trio were taken to the hospital but expired before getting any medical aid. The Makhdoompur Police have registered a case against the perpetrator and tapped off the crime scene.

Investigation officer Ashiq Hussain confirmed that the killer was arrested and the weapon was also recovered.

The official said that Javed suspected his wife of having extramarital affairs which prompted him to carry out the killings.

In Hasilpur, a man namely Muhammad Naeem, burnt his wife, Sughraan alive in Qaimpur area of Hasilpur.

Sughraan asked Nadeem that she wanted to go to her father's home but Nadeem refused to allow her leaving and set her on fire by soaking her with kerosene oil.

The woman was taken to Bahawal Victoria hospital but could not survive the burns and passed away.

The Qaimpur Police Station have registered a case against Nadeem who fled after committing the crime.