A few days ago Nepra disclosed the alarmingly high figure of 40 percent electricity which was being stolen, an act which could be only committed by powerful people in Pakistan, as Lesco has become very strict with residential consumers. These 5 percent of our population does not pay any bills of gas and water, nor do they pay any other taxes, like our worthy Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, who is reported to have paid zero income tax. If an ordinary citizen delays their bill payment, their electricity is disconnected, so who are these powerful 5 percent?

Our Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar’s husband was given installments of about 2,000 per years, for a very large electricity bill for his Textile mills in Jhang. What is the ordinary person to do in this event? Was Pakistan created only for these rich elite to suck the blood of the poor people?

Every political party that has been in power has done nothing to improve the conditions of the poor of this country. No laws were passed to give education or health facilities to the poor. The shortage crisis of all utilities in Pakistan stems from our VIP‘s loot and plunder. Ironically, the burden falls on the poor people, who have to face the music of almost monthly rate increase of every energy item. The beauty of this system lies in the fact that the defaulters are the biggest beneficiaries and the paying public suffers. So, it is high time the entire political system of Pakistan was re-vamped to attend to the basic needs of the millions.


Lahore, December 3.