LAHORE – PML-N Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said that the PPP has not contacted with his party over the interim prime minister’s name.

“The PML-N will come up with a precise viewpoint after contact by the government,” Rashid told TheNation on Monday.

He said the ball in the government’s court and it was for it to contact the opposition leader for holding talks on the name of interim prime minster. However, he viewed, time may be near about the announcement of elections schedule.

Without undermining the name of Justice Zahid for the slot of interim prime minister, Senator Pervez said elections were still three/four months away and announcement of a name at this juncture may create problem for the would-be interim PM.

To a question on what election month suited to his party, the Senator said the policy of the PML-N was quite clear on this count that it would not let the incumbent federal government go beyond a moment of its due term which was ending on March 18. His party would resist tooth and nail if the government tried to cross that time limit, he warned.

He said the PML-N had been voicing over the last one and half years that earlier the elections were held, the better it would be even for the incumbent government as its failures on every side were not only adding to the problems of the nation but its own acceptance by the people was dwindling.

When a question was asked about the reports on electing Sartaj Aziz as President after the PML-N came into power, he said they were merely media reports and nothing on this subject had been discussed at the party level so far.