KARACHI - The Executive Director of the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research (PILER), Karamat Ali, visited Malala Yousuzai in Birmingham the other day.He delivered a signed message to Malala on behalf of PILER administration and support staff.The message included wishes to Malala for a speedy recovery, as well as support for her stand against extremism in Pakistan.Doctors have noted an improvement in Malala’s health as she is now able to walk again and displays a sharp memory. Although she is doing better, it may be a while before she fully recovers and is allowed to be discharged from the hospital.Malala sent her thanks to the PILER team as well as to her friends and supporters in Pakistan. She, along with her father, had been hosted by PILER Centre in the past during her visits to Karachi. PILER condemned the violent and criminal act that severely wounded Malala and has forced upon her physical and emotional trauma. Her bravery and effort for the cause of women’s education is an inspiration to progressive-minded Pakistanis who wish to see the removal of unjust and self-serving terrorist elements waging war against innocent civilians.PILER looks forward to Malala’s recovery and speedy return to Pakistan where the war against extremists and forces hostile to literacy and female empowerment requires more diligent support and active societal participation than ever before.