As elections are approaching every party is drafting its manifesto, the ruling PPP has also drafted its manifesto. The PPP’s government believes that they have ensured ‘Roti, Kapra and Makan’ to every person and they are now drafting new manifesto for the upcoming elections which includes formation of new provinces, Dual Nationality members in the NA and reforms in the Judicial System and a policy for youth. However it is worth noticing that the PPP government believes that they have overcome the energy crisis and target killing.

So what is the mandate of the parties and how will they let us know what the future holds for the common man if they are elected? The other thing is that Pakistanis now do not believe in words only, they want to see some actions! Till now we have only seen the blatant corruption on large scale by PPP and its coalition partners in the form of BISP and some other such ridicules programs. I am sure that the leading politicians are living in a heaven in Pakistan, were the rules apply only to the poor and all law is in favour of the rich. A country where there is no accountability, a haven for tax evasion and criminals, Pakistan it appears was made for the corrupt elite politicians and not for the millions of poor.

It seems as if Asif Ali Zardari lives in Utopia with his eyes closed to the reality around him. How is this possible, does he not watch the news and the talk shows or reality shows which portray the growing unrest in the country? But looking back in history I am sure that King Louis XVI must have lived in the same kind of Utopia before he was beheaded by the rioters of the French Revolution. We are heading towards similar circumstances. I hope that our esteemed politicians will stop coming on TV shows and being indecorous and rude to the extent that I am ashamed to think that these are the elite, the educated, the ruling class of my country, and pay more attention to doing some good.


Karachi, December 2.