ISLAMABAD - Amid major development in Arsalan-Riaz graft scandal, property tycoon Malik Riaz has flown to London to get a case registered against Arsalan Iftikhar, son of incumbent Chief justice of Pakistan.

"Malik Riaz has flown to London to book Arsalan Iftikhar," a close aid of Malik Riaz told TheNation on Monday, adding that the property tycoon would come back Pakistan shortly after starting legal process against Arsalan. Insiders told TheNation on Monday that Riaz has finally made up his mind to file a case against Arsalan in London on the charges of money extortion. I this regards, Mohammad Suleman, son-in-law of Malik Riaz, has already hired services of lawyers in London

According an official source, property tycoon flew from Benazir International Airport by his private jet in the wee hours of last Friday. The source, however, said that Riaz's destination was Dubai rather than London, where he was expected to give blood samples for tests. Also, a senior official of Benazir international Airport confirmed the report. "I can only tell you that Malik Riaz has flown to Dubai," said the official.

Malik Riaz's flight to Dubai (and then from there to London) has irked head of judicial commission probing Arsalan-Riaz graft case.

It is pertinent to mention here that Shoaib Suddle, head of judicial commission, has long been pressing Interior Ministry to place names of Arsalan and Riaz on Exit Control List to stop them going abroad to escape investigation.

Following Malik Riaz's flight to London, Shoaib Suddle on Monday issued a fresh notice to Interior Ministry asking the higher authorities to explain why they did not put Arsalan and Riaz on ECL despite several requests made by the commission.

It is pertinent to mention here that federal Interior Secretary himself appeared before Suddle commission on 20 November and assured the commission to place Arsalan and Riaz on ECL as soon as possible. Judicial Commission on October 10 had directed the Federal Interior Secretary to place names of Arsalan and Riaz on ECL.

On Monday, Shoaib Suddle agreed to allow Counsel of witness Ahmed Khalil to cross-examine Arsalan. "I will let you know the date of cross examination," Suddle told counsel of witness Ahmed Khalil.

Meanwhile on Monday, Suddle commission gave another deadline to witness Khalil asking him to record his statement until December 11.