Ferozepur Road from Gajjumata to Kahna is undergoing extensive construction work that once completed would become the modern face of Lahore. Volvo buses would ply on a specially built road that from Kalma chowk onwards would largely be in the form of a long overhead bridge, providing the quickest means of travel to the commuters. Alongside, a new road is being built for ordinary traffic. The project has been criticised by those who have been favouring the underground-train project, which is a non-starter for obvious reasons most glaring one being the cost. The road would also add to the beauty of the city; largely the shabby decrepit road, for instance from Ichra down to old Lahore would now have a new look. And those traders initially complaining that their business had been impacted would now start to see its advantages. Once it is on steam, the project would attract citizens from other areas of the city to this part for reasons of safe and hassle-free travel hence boosting commerce and business.

But most importantly, this will provide an easy, quick and comfortable and of course dignified source of intra-city travel to the average Joe who these days is huddled together in mini-vans and mazdas like sardines. And with the opening of the route, the ordinary traffic, spared of the ramshackle transport buses oozing smoke and pressure horns too would be able to flow free of interruption and stress. A win-win for all. Kudos to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif! Although this might not turn the city into Paris, the city could very well be on the road to becoming a well organised metropolis.