The victory of Muhammad Asif who bagged the World Snooker Championship in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria calls for celebration. He competed against a group of tough rivals persistently believing in himself and banking on years of hard work that he had done. The final was a nail-biter and it was Asif who played consistently well till he had outplayed his rival Gary Wilson to grab the title. Asif had been on a winning streak, reaching the final of an international tournament in Dubai early on. Now the gentleman has become a star joining the roll of legendary national heroes like former World champion Muhammad Yousuf and former runner up Saleh Muhammad. Where this would improve the country’s image demonised as a place for terrorists, the victory shows there is no dearth of extraordinary talent in the country. For the snooker players themselves, here is another legend to emulate. Like other sports, Snooker is far from an easy game all the more so when it comes to international competitions; it is only great finesse, skill and training that brings luck to a player like it did on Sunday, when a Pakistani was honoured with the crown.

The triumph dispels the popular impression that the nation is only good at cricket; far from that, the youngsters can prove themselves in any field of sports provided they have worked hard for it and provided they have received the state’s backing with the provision of playing fields and other basic equipment.